body empowerment sessions

a celebration of you. mind, body & spirit.

a step-by-step guide

Body Empowerment Sessions focus on more than the surface. These sessions are approached with reverence and the utmost care for every part of you.

In a society that is constantly telling us that we aren't enough, we must remember to define our value for ourselves, without hiding, shaming ourselves, or trying to fit in.

The goal is for you to enjoy a great photo experience that will leave you feeling reconnected to yourself, and your body, flaws and all.

what is a body empowerment session and how do i know if it's right for me?

'Intimate' is the best way to describe this type of session and that's exactly how we will approach it. Our priority is more than stunning images. We'll incorporate healing and celebration into your experience.

example sessions

From sexy, sensual Boudoir sessions to sessions that celebrate substantial life milestones, to clients who have sensitive needs, (whether physical or mental) we will create a safe space for you to relax, let go, and lean into your session.

after your free discovery call the fun begins...

pre-session timeline:

I. reserve session date.

Our first steps are to reserve your session date by paying your 50% retainer & signing your contract. Once these are completed, we will schedule our Creative Consultation.

II. creative consultation.

Planning is the key to our success. We will discuss wardrobe, makeup/grooming, posing, props, and any specific equipment/products that should be showcased.

III. easy session prep.

During the days leading up to your session, you will have access to me via phone/text. I'm happy to offer my input on all your style choices, from wardrobe to hair & makeup.

upcoming guides

As we move towards your session date, you will receive access to several guides that will ensure a smooth experience.

From start to finish, you will be given the knowledge and tools to feel confident and prepared for a stellar photoshoot.

Wardrobe Guide

style tips

Props Guide

set the stage

Posing Guide

easy flow