valentines day: boudoir party

Dark Flower Studios held our very first Boudoir Party in February 2023 and it was such a phenomenal success, we've made it a recurring theme.

The vision was to create a safe, sophisticated space for ladies to indulge in a taste of a luxury boudoir session in a fun Day Party atmosphere.

We staggered our VIP mini-sessions throughout the morning, with the party growing a bit more as each VIP arrived. The ladies that preferred the most privacy were booked early in the morning and the ladies that considered themselves social butterflies, choose the later spots.

As I headed into shooting our last set of VIPs, our afternoon vibes turned into a classy Day Party as our General Admission guests arrived.

General admission tickets are perfect for someone who wants to cheer their bestie on during her VIP session. Or for someone who has secretly desired a boudoir session but is a bit shy or uncertain.

Day Party guests got to mix and mingle while watching me shoot the last two VIP mini-sessions. The support and encouragement our VIPs received was amazing; they had a whole cheering squad!

But our event wasn't complete until our Day Party guests got to step in front of the camera as well. It was a day full of playful joy and self-empowerment.

See some of the final results...

i'm deeply grateful to the beautiful ladies who participated in our first event. it was a magical experience and we deserve all the magic life has to offer.